1 Day: To get you going.

Course currently being re-written post 10.3 release.

This course starts of with an introduction that always 'wows' the delegates giving them confidence that learning FCP X is not daunting and at the same time experienceing one of its advanced features, multicam editing.

This course will give you the understanding to create a new project, perform a basic edit with sound level adjustment and output to your chosen destination. You will understand how FCP X organises media through ingesting video from an SD card.



2 Day: A competant user.

Course currently being re-written post 10.3 release.

Based upon the course taught to BBC editors for editing news in the field. As well as what is learnt in the one-day course you will also gain an overview of all of FCP's tools with a comprehensive look at effects, transitions, generators and titles. An overview of the whole editing workflow is learnt from ingesting the material in the first instance, cataloging and storage. Simple editing exercises are then undertaken with an opportunity to experience some of the advance features. Finally the finished cut story is exported as a .mov file and also directly uploaded to YouTube.



3 Day: A professional editor.

Course currently being re-written post 10.3 release.

As per the two-day course but with a more comprehensive investigation into all the available effects, transitions, titling tool,etc. In particular green-screen keying is looked at together with use of the colour board (for colour correction) and video scopes. There is also a thorough examination of mullticam editing (based upon the half-day Multicam Editing course).

This three-day course will equip you with all the knowledge necessary to competantly edit video productions to a broadcast standard.